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We Rank Websites On Google's Front Page

Whether you’re a plumber, landscaper, fund manager, e-commerce business or chauffeur, whatever the market, we’ll rank you on the top of major search engines for your most searched keyword. 

Our campaign’s number one goal is to increase your websites overall authority over time. 

Using only the safest of methods, our expert techniques will decrease your site’s load speed, increase relevant traffic to your site and improve your site’s proximity to the top of Google’s first page. 

Our campaign begins with searching for the proverbial low hanging easy win keywords that will give your site an initial boost. Tangible results that you’ll see immediately. 

We then optimise your sites on-page metrics by decreasing your sites load speed, whilst creating compelling content so your existing users spend more time on site. Another facet of the on-page optimisation of your website is to make sure it’s mobile-friendly and meets Google’s best practice for mobile search.  

Our team of experts will handle the technical side of search engine optimisation for guaranteed gains in the search engine result pages.  Image size, title tag optimisation and the creating of large volumes of content are just an example of the regular work we’ll be completing on your existing site. 

The expert SEO team at Maxim Media will create regular, high quality, market-relevant content to make sure your brand is seen by Google as the number one authority in your market. 

We’ll reach out to other websites in your market with a custom-tailored outreach campaign to get your site’s URL on as many relevant, high-quality websites. 

Our Google My Business team will make sure your GMB profile is jam packed with images and the write information to be sure that you receive as much relevant traffic as possible. 

How Much Does SEO Cost In Australia?

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Have you heard the adage, that services that are cheap are not necessarily good and services that are good aren’t necessarily cheap?

This adage perfectly describes the cost to not only purchase but to provide SEO at a level where your site won’t be penalised and where you’ll be able to see tangible results.

At Maxim Media, we see tangible results as an increase in search presence across the web which leads to more phone calls and emails to your business. We do this while maintaining the integrity and authority of your site as a whole in Google’s eyes. 

Our team of expert content writers create a content marketing strategy to not only create content that is relevant to your industry and readership but content that will turn industry interest into warm leads and ultimately purchases of your product or service. 

Creating high-quality content can be expensive, and using the best writers the SEO industry has to offer costs our agency quite a lot in outgoing expenses. 

Your custom SEO service also includes link building, where we contact verified publishers that have relevance in your industry and ask them to share the content that we have created with their readership. By doing this, we increase the overall authority of your website. 

Then come the on-page, speed and technical optimisation of your website, all of which can be quite a time consuming for our expert technical SEO team. 

Now, down to the nitty-gritty, the cost of your SEO service will highly depend on the competitiveness of your market. Is your website looking to rank for search terms like ‘Online Casino’ or are you a local plumber and just wanting more leads in your local area? This will dictate the monthly cost of your campaign. 

A simple local campaign, where we drive leads, sales and traffic in your locality will cost between $900 per month for a simple campaign in a regional area to $5000 for a national campaign. 

If you’re in an industry that has large competition i.e. metropolitan cities or you’re in a financial-based services market, our prices start at $2,000 and increase incrementally to upwards of $10,000 for an enterprise campaign. All prices are quoted monthly and include GST. 

We don’t charge in hourly increments but when you see that the average overseas SEO freelancer charges over $100 per hour, you can see why SEO costs so much.

Our Results

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A premium Sydney domestic and commercial house cleaning company contacted us in January 2020. They were extremely dissatisfied with the results they had received from the previous SEO provider. That SEO provider had conducted an 18-month campaign and the cleaning company were worse off than when they started. They had placed nefarious links directed toward the cleaning company’s site and had not provided well-written content with Google’s best practice in mind. 

A graph of traffic over time for a cleaning company

The cleaning company had received an algorithmic penalty which had appeared to have devalued their website in Google’s search engine. 

As a leader in the Sydney cleaning space, the director wanted to grow their bottom line revenue and capture more market share. 

A picture of organic keyword increase over time

This is where Maxim Media came in and increased their online search presence over 450% in less than 12 months. We did this by creating a bespoke strategy to create and drive traffic to suburb based landing pages, as well as optimising the existing content with Google’s best practice in mind. We rewrote over 90 articles and added a further article every week explaining the do’s and do not of the cleaning industry. 

result of a 1 year SEO campaign

Compounded over 12 months, this contributed to a dramatic increase in site visitors as well as an increase in conversions, a decrease in bounce rate and a significant increase in revenue. 

Why SEO For Your Marketing Campaign?

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Google uses a combination of 200  signals to determine the best result for a particular search query. Google’s search engine is akin to a monopoly on all queries.  It is the first place people go to ask a question, or find the answer to a particular query. 

By engaging a professional SEO company as apart of your overall marketing strategy, you guarantee that you’re hitting all targets and that you will get the most ‘bang’ for your proverbial buck. 

SEO is a long term strategy that shows proven results in 6-8 months time. 

Our competitors may use confusing charts, and jargon to confuse you into purchasing their services. However, at Maxim Media, we understand that the key to results is the revenue that you will generate from your SEO campaign. 

What Does Our SEO Service Include?

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our service is based around helping our clients increase top and bottom-line revenue by driving targeted traffic to designated landing pages. We do by using the following concepts and techniques in our processes.

Keyword Research

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When web users carry out search queries, they do so by punching in specific words into search engine bars. These specific words are keywords or keyphrases.

keywords help web users for answers to their search queries.

As a business owner or SEO practitioner, creating quality, highly targeted SEO copy starts with keyword research.

Keyword research helps us figure out:

  • Who your audience is
  • What your audience is looking for
  • How best to engage with your audience

Comprehensive keyword research helps us find the ideal customers for your content or your product or your service.

How do you carry out comprehensive keyword research?

As we mentioned, keyword research helps you find out what your target audience is looking for. More than this, keyword research helps you provide your audience with the best content that answers their search queries.

Before carrying out keyword research we need to figure out the following.

What keywords do you want to rank for?

The best way to answer this question is by brainstorming a mission statement. Your mission statement should include what your website is all about. It should also boldly state what service your aim to render to your audience.

A mission statement ensures that you target the right audience for your product or service. Your website’s mission statement also plays a crucial role in deciding the content to create, building links, and of course, keyword research.

What are the relevant keywords for your website?

Now that we’ve thoroughly analysed your mission statement, and decided the type of content we’ll be creating on your website. Next, we need to decide the keywords that are relevant to your website.

For example, if your business deals with maintaining and repairing cars, a relevant keyword for your website might be ‘car maintenance’ or car repairs.’ It’s also crucial to research keyword variations and longtail keywords to narrow in on your target audience.

Determine search volume and search difficulty

When carrying out your keyword research, you’ll notice that the competition for your main keyword is stiff. Ranking for seed keywords is usually a tough task. However, keyword variations and longtail keywords provide you with low competition keywords to rank for.

We’ll make it a mission of ours to target longtail and keyword variations so you get early gains. Then as we build your site authority you’ll rank for the more difficult keywords automatically.

Keyword research is one of the pillars of a successful SEO campaign.

Keyword research helps us determine your audience and the type of content to produce.

There are tonnes of keyword research tools that are useful in keyword research but the ones our teams use the most are  Ahrefs & SEMRUSH.

These tools help us to determine the search volume, ranking difficulty, research your competitors’ websites, find link building opportunities and help us generate keyword ideas that your competitors haven’t thought of.

Link Building

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Link building is the SEO practice of getting links from other websites. When other websites link to your website, using hypertext codes known as backlinks or inbound links, it sends a signal of authority to search engines

Google states that link building is one of the three top factors its algorithm considers when ranking websites.

Since reputable websites will only link to other reputable websites, backlinks demonstrate a website’s trustworthiness and authority in its niche.

Simply put, Backlinks are the way Google maintains information credibility of information on the web.

If you are looking to increase your website’s SERP rankings, building backlinks to your website is crucial.

Why is link building important and why is it crucial for ranking your website?

Search engine bots crawl individual web pages and from one website to another through links. These links show the relationship between one page and another and also between one website and another.

Google states that link building is one of the three crucial factors its algorithms use when ranking websites. In most cases, Google analyzes the quality of your website’s backlinks instead of the content on your website. This means that – apart from crafting quality content links are vital to your website’s ranking.

At the core, link building is about building relationships and integrity on the web. By attempting to build quality links to your website, you learn to foster relationships between other website owners. And also learn to create more quality content that others would love to be associated with.

How we build links to your website?

When it comes to acquiring backlinks for your website, there are many strategies to employ.

At Maxim Media, we employ the most reliable and popular strategies to 

One of the most reliable strategies we’ve tested for link building is crafting something of value that others would want to link to. This can be creating top-quality content with unique images and videos, or provide the best information on a given topic in your niche, research material, or tool.

There are many other strategies we employ to build links. However, building quality backlinks to your website requires that we create something of value worth linking to. In SEO circles this is known as the skyscraper technique. 

On-page optimisation

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On-page optimization is an important ranking tool in your SEO strategy. It refers to all the steps taken within your web page to optimize your content for your users and search engines.

Let’s put it this way.

With on-page optimization, all onus is on us to optimize your website. On-page optimization includes;

  • Creating quality content.
  • Optimizing title tags and meta description.
  • Optimizing URLs.
  • Building internal links.

Why is on-page optimization important?

Google crawls web pages to determine if its content is suitable for display to relevant search queries. This also ties to the use of relevant keywords in your content.

Keyword inclusion used to be the most important on-page optimization strategy to pay attention to, however, as search engines get more sophisticated, there are other elements to optimize on your website.

By optimizing your URL and meta description with relevant keywords, we help Google figure out what your website is all about. This serves in Google’s overall picture of serving web searchers with the most relevant information for their search query.

How we carry out on-page optimization?

We go through a thorough audit of your website and make sure to include the relevant keyword in your content

We then strategize the best way to include keywords in headers and sub-headers in accordance with Google’s best practice guidelines. 

We craft compelling meta descriptions and titles with relevant keywords to make sure we get the highest click-through rate possible. 

We ensure the use short of descriptive URLs and make sure to use descriptive alt-tags in your images.

Technical SEO

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A graph showing great technical SEO

Technical SEO is a vital process in your SEO strategy. It includes every technical activity taken to improve your web rankings.

Search engines show preferences for secure and fast loading websites that provide users with functional and responsive designs. With that said, technical SEO has to do with what your website looks like, how it works, and how easy it is for search engine bots to crawl.

Factors such as loading time, using SSL certificates, and making your website mobile-friendly all play an important role in improving your website’s ranking.

How we use technical SEO to improve your rankings?

google pagespeed insights 100 percent passing score

  1. Secure your website by getting an SSL certificate
  2. Provide a responsive mobile-friendly version of your website
  3. Improving your website’s speed
  4. Make it easier for search engine bots to crawl your website by providing a sitemap, information architecture, robots.txt, etc.
  5. Register your site with Google’s search console.

Technical SEO is a more complex process and involves technical expertise to implement the optimizing of your website. 

Content Marketing

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Content is an important factor that affects your SEO. The search for unique content is the reason why visitors use search engines. Search engines prioritise content that provides valuable answers and information to a particular search queryy.

Carrying out all the SEO on your website without content is akin to driving without wheels.

Content is the life and soul of your website.

SEO only works when combined with good, relevant content.

Our content marketing team focuses on producing relevant content to attract web users to your website. Our content marketing strategy means your content will gain a boost when combined with our robust SEO strategy. Whether it’s blog content, service area content or compelling web copy, our team of expert writers will have your web visitors ready to pull out their credit card and purchase your product or service. 

Why do we need to create content?

SEO copywriting plays an important role in improving your ranking on SERP. By providing the best information to web visitors, you attract web visitors to your website.

Many companies today use content marketing to create awareness for their products and services. And also to engage with customers and potential business. By creating content you provide web users with valuable answers to their search query.

With that said, the golden rule for writing on the web is churning out quality content.

Savvy marketers know Google aims to provide web users with the best possible results to their search queries. And Google rewards websites with the best content by improving their web rankings.

No matter your industry or your niche, you should be looking to feature the best possible content on your website to outrank your competition.

When crafting your content, our team of writers make a note that it’s important to write for people before considering search engines. As we mentioned, Google rewards websites that have the best information, readability and relevance to a particular search query.

Here are some web writing rules we follow for producing quality content

  • Understand your audience and the language they use.
  • Break your content into scannable sections.
  • Write using the inverted pyramid model.
  • Write for only one person.
  • Use the active voice.
  • Use short sentence and short paragraphs.
  • Use bullet lists and numbering.
  • Write compelling headlines and subheadings.
  • Include visuals in your content; pictures and videos.
  • Leave plenty of white spaces in your content.
  • All content is then passed through SurferSEO.
a graph of content optimised with surferseo

These rules are not hard and fast rules for writing on the web. However, following these rules helps to make your content readable to your audience. The most important point to keep in mind is to provide the best content on your website.

Before our expert writing team begins writing your web content, it’s important for them to research and understand your audience. In addition to understanding your audience, we will also carry out comprehensive keyword research.

How do use content marketing with SEO?

  1. Create quality content using the relevant keywords and keyword combinations.
  2. Focus on providing the best user experience to your web visitors- this includes publishing useful information, optimizing your website speed, and implementing the most functional technical SEO on your website.
  3. Using an extensive system of publishers we’ve made relationships with overtime to share your content in existing and new content to boost your website’s overall authority. 

Landing Page Creation

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A landing page is mostly a one-page web page. It is the first page you land on after clicking on a link somewhere on the internet – it could be a lead capture page or a product page.

Most digital marketers use landing pages to market or advertise products or services. Landing pages play different roles to different marketers – they can be used to sell a product, or as an opt-in form for capturing leads.

Simply put, landing pages are used to convert prospects to customers.

It’s important to optimize your landing page to convert customers to your products and services.

How do we optimize your landing page for conversion?

  • Use heat maps to track how users interact with your website.
  • Carry out split testing to find what message works for your prospects.
  • Our expert team of writers craft compelling web copy that is sure to grab the attention of every website user.
  • We then tweak each aspect of your landing page for higher conversions. 

UX Optimisation

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Ux stands for user experience. It refers to how a web user interacts with your website. User experience and SEO go hand in hand. If web users don’t like what they see on your website, they’ll likely click out. This signals to search engines that your website doesn’t solve users’ search queries.

We cannot overstress this enough times, user experience is crucial for increasing your website’s search rankings.

UX optimization is an SEO practice of improving the look and feel of your website to provide a great experience to your web visitors.

How we optimize your website for a better user experience?


One of the ways to set out optimize your website is by getting to know your target audience. We find out their needs, how they think and consume information. We encourage the surveying of your users, existing customers and leads, that way we will be able to strategist a  better website experience for them.

Here are standard best practices our team considers when optimising your website’s user experience.

  • We make your site easy to navigate by visitors and search bots.
  • We work on improving your website speed.
  • We optimize your website for the mobile experience.
  • Use easily customizable web themes that aren’t bloated by unnecessary code. 

Never mind the constantly evolving search engine algorithms and the unpredictable nature of web users, purchasing the SEO service designed and curated with results, not profit in mind is the way to go if you are looking to attract and engage with people on the internet.

By onboarding our robust SEO strategies we’ll craft the most compelling content so you can attract your ideal customers and sell more of your products and services. 

What we Do?

Custom Curated Content

We create, custom, high quality relevant articles that engage readers to build your site’s authority, keep your site’s content fresh for better ranking in the search engine. 

Link Building

Our extensive list of relevant industry contacts will ensure that your company will be mentioned on industry leading websites. Increasing your website’s visibility and generating quality, read to buy leads.

Authority Building

Maxim Media increases your website’s authority over time. Brand authority is a pivotal facet of SEO, increasing it will ultimately increase clicks through to your website for the keywords that make you money. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

In layman’s terms, Digital marketing refers to promotion of products or services to a targeted audience or market via various forms of electronic channels. Digital Marketing plays a pivotal role in increasing business and brand visibility, maintaining reputation, engaging audiences, and generating quality leads for modern businesses.
Digital marketing is highly beneficial to modern businesses. From our experience, digital Marketing generates higher ROI from marketing campaigns than conventional forms of marketing and advertising. Digital marketing also increases your market reach by connecting you to more consumers. Typical digital marketing campaigns are equally measureable, easier to modify, and have longer shelf lives.

For a start, you should do keyword research to understand what prospects are looking for and then use targeted keywords to generate high-quality content. Next, optimise your website for different devices, do on-page SEO to improve search engine visibility, and run PPC campaigns. We also recommend that you actively social media networks to pull in traffic and create engaging and shareable blog posts for your site.

Specifically, we use Google Analytics to track, measure, and analyse results from both PPC and SEO campaigns. We pay close attention to website as well as conversion metrics. For each PPC campaign, we’ll provide a clear and concise bi-weekly or monthly report on how your paid search is performing against key metrics.

Apparently, the choice of digital platform depends on your target audience and your goals. A business website or blog is great for marketing your products and sharing information. Social media networks are great for sharing tips, announcing offers, and engaging with your fans. Paid Search (AdWords) is great for acquiring new customers while email marketing is a fantastic channel of targeting and getting focused attention.

The time it takes to see results depend on what products/services you’re trying to promote as well as your preferred digital marketing strategy. With PPC, you will be able to see immediate results once the ads are created and published. SEO results take a little bit longer about 4-6 months to eventuate.

The amount of time spent depends on the scale of the project and what kind of goals you want to achieve. If you’re looking to get first page rankings in Google organically, that will take anywhere between 4-6 months. On the other hand, PPC campaigns have a shorter shelf live.
Well, the cost of SEO or PPC campaigns depend on the magnitude of the project, ongoing efforts, and chosen strategy. Other factors that influence the cost include the industry and time frame the client wants to achieve his or her goals. We encourage you to schedule a one-on-one consultation with our search engine experts so that they can understand your needs and objectives and give you an accurate quote.
Well, there are a number of ways you can generate qualified leads for your business. You can increase engagement and customer acquisition by adding clear and compelling calls to actions to service pages on website, running PPC campaigns, using A/B tested landing page that focuses on one topic, and optimising your website for the major search engines Google and Bing).