5 Ways to improve your pay per click campaign!

Pay per click marketing strategy can be very tricky. Without the proper knowledge, it is not possible to get the most out of your Ad campaigns. When you track the performance of PPC Ad campaign, you will either see a steep growth or will get unimpressive results.

To improve your Pay per click campaign, you need to put in consistent hard work. There are a few ways to improve your strategies and we will share 5 ways to do so.

#1: Negative words can save you money

Keywords form the basis of search terms in a PPC ad. Just as adding these search terms is important, adding keywords that need to be omitted are also vital. These keywords are called negative keywords, and it tells the search engine to not show your ads on the results page if the user searches for these terms.

For example, as a laptop dealer for windows-based computers, you do not want people to see your ad when they look for Apple products.

So you will add windows laptop, hp laptop, Windows computers, computer, laptop as search terms.

But you will add Macbooks, Apple computer, Macbook Air in the omit keywords section. This will ensure that when a user is looking only for a computer they will see your ad. If they specifically look for Apple computers then your ad will not appear.

You will have a targeted audience looking for your products only and will have to pay only for these clicks.

#2: Utilize the “Iceberg effect” for more control

Often while creating an Ad campaign, we include a lot of search terms for one targeted keyword. And your ad does not line up properly with the search terms. Iceberg effect comes into action when too many search terms are embedded below a single keyword.

We might be under the impression that our ad campaign is under our control, but that is not the case. It is said that the discrepancy ratio between search terms to targeted keyword is 132:1.

This makes it difficult to improve the CTR and cost-per-click increases.

To overcome the Iceberg effect, you can use Single Keyword Ad Group strategy. Here you create an ad group where the ratio between search terms to the targeted keyword is 1:1.

Your ad might want to target a lot of search terms, and each of them will have different sales and conversion rates.

When you target a lot of search terms into a single keyword you will not have control over the PPC ad campaign.

What you can do to improve your Ad campaign is to create an ad group with the search term being an exact match with the keyword.

This way you will have a very granular keyword selection per ad and have stronger control of your campaign. When your search term and keyword ratio is lower, you can create a lower ratio between keyword to ad. This will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Increased CTR
  • Decreased CPC
  • Increased impression share
  • Improved average position
  • Increased quality score

#3: Know the difference between a conversion and sales-driving keywords

Suppose your PPC marketing strategy, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads are giving you positive results and are helping you make money.

But do you really know which keywords are helping you the most, which audiences and placements are working positively.

If you are not tracking these components and using them to drive up your sales then your efforts and money might go in vain.

You need to keenly track all the information from the URL every time your visitor converts to a client.  You can use the various tools available online and use them with your CRM to track every revenue-making lead.

The hidden fields in the URL can give you details like the location of the visitor, keyword used by the visitor, which landing page was used while conversion and so on.

A similar process can be applied to the UTM parameters for keyword-specific details.

It will help you compare the keyword that has a lower CPC with the keyword that has a high sale rate. You can compare the sale driving and conversion driving keywords and invest in the ones that contribute more to the sales.

You can also simultaneously ease your budget on the keywords that do not attribute to sale and are a drain on your money.

#4: Try gauging every visitor’s intent

Every visitor on your website does not come with the intent of buying your services and products. Landing pages help in directing traffic to your website, but it is not necessary that they are interested in becoming your clients.

It is said that visitors from display ads are colder leads, while traffic that comes from searching is warmer which has the potential to convert to a client. The conversion funnel has a temperature scale with display ads at the coldest extreme then it starts getting warmer with Video, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and other social platforms. The warmest end is considered the search Ads.

To make use of this funnel appropriately, you need to know two things. First is the origin of visitors, which will let you match a proper call-to-action accordingly.

Second is the right call-to-action for different visitors.

For a warmer visitor, you can use the most personalized CTA’s. Colder ones will respond more likely to the colder CTA’s as they are still not in need of your services but interesting offers can rope them in.

#5: Break down larger conversions to micro PPC conversions

Having detailed knowledge about your campaign can help you improve your marketing strategies.

There are 4 things that you need to know for micro-conversions:

  • Time spent On-site
  • Scroll depth per page
  • Form field completion
  • Clicking button

Once you have these details about any campaign, be it Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads, you can locate the underlying issues and aim for a higher conversion rate with each advertising campaign.


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