A Guide On the future of mobile marketing!

Mobile Marketing Moving Forward

Businesses will need to start adapting their marketing campaigns and efforts to keep up with the advances in technology.

And one of the techs that keep on pushing and moving toward nowadays are smartphones and other mobile devices like tablets. So, it makes sense to add mobile marketing to your campaign for your business’ success and promotions.

Mobile Marketing: What Is It?

Mobile marketing is not a new topic for marketers. 

For those not in the know, mobile marketing is simply the act of advertising or promoting your products and business to appeal and engage with users of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets etc).

In short, it is any type of promotion designed for delivery on mobile devices. 

In general, mobile marketing is a part of an overall multi-channel digital marketing campaign. 

Mobile ads delivered via systems like Google Display Network, programmatic ads, and SMS marketing all fall under the mobile marketing sphere as well as other forms of digital marketing that specifically target portable devices.

When done right, this form of marketing provides customer and target audience with personalized, location- and time-sensitive data so that users can have what they need and when they need it, even if they are on the go.

Why You Need Mobile Marketing?

  1. Time Used on Mobile Devices Is Steadily Increasing

CNN revealed that Americans have spent an average of 10 hours a day on mobile devices in 2016. According to eMarketer, nearly a third of this tie was spent on tablets or smartphones.

This only means that an average American spends more than 500 hours every year talking on their mobile device or navigating websites. This provides you with enough opportunities to capture their attention and get them to discuss your business on a device they use regularly.

Advertising trends also responds to this development. With nearly 72 percent of marketing, dollars is estimated to be spent developing apps and ads such as Instagram Ads for mobile platforms in 2019.

  • SMS Open Rates Higher Than Email

Short Message Service has an open rate of 98 percent with at least 90 percent of people opening the message and reading it within 3 seconds. This is obviously higher than email marketing or any other digital channels.

So, tailoring your SMS message to appeal to prospective customers, give them a reason to further research on your services or products. And they will likely start on the device in which they just received the message. 

  • Social Media Offers More Ad Platforms

Facebook and other social media platforms realized that potential of mobile marketing. Not only that, they have evolved their ad platforms in order to allow you to easily target mobile audiences.

You can get started with just a click of a button or partner with companies such as Facebook Ad Agency Sydney. If you are already using social media ad, then you’re definitely on the right path.

  • Google Said So

If there is probably one reason that could convince you to a mobile marketing strategy and campaign, it’s Google.

Google’s Mobilegeddon update now actively penalize any websites which have not started to consider mobile marketing. Any site not optimized for mobile, don’t respond to various devices and are not considered mobile-friendly will face the consequence.

It is referred to as the Mobilegeddon since this update literally decimated web page rankings across the internet. It is ongoing and continuously seeks to serve mobile users with better search engine results.

So, if you don’t want your website falling down in search engine ranking, then you better move forward with your mobile marketing strategies.

  • It is Personal

Brands will always look to get closer to their audience, however, it is hard to do well from behind the computer screen. Mobile devices, however, are different. They are individual accessories which people can carry with them every time. You do not get this same psychological effect with any other media.

This makes mobile marketing a more personalized kind of marketing since it allows you to get closer to your customers than ever before. And this reason, alone, should make it more likely to convert simple viewers into paying clients.

Types of Mobile Marketing Strategies

There is a healthy variety of mobile marketing strategies out there that you can try. And the kind that works really well for your business will depend on your budget, target audience and your industry.

  1. App-Based Marketing

This kind of mobile advertising involves apps. Although studies revealed that 80 percent of mobile time is spent in engaging with apps, you do not have to create an app in order to jump in the action.

Services such as Google AdMobhelp advertisers to create mobile ads which appear within 3rd party mobile apps.

In addition, Facebook also allows you to create ads which are integrated into the Facebook apply the Facebook’s Promoted Post ads can integrate seamlessly with Facebook news feed so that users usually do not realize that they are looking at Facebook ads.

  • QR Codes

When scanned by users, QR codes will take users to a particular webpage which the QR code is attached to. These codes are usually aligned with mobile gamification and have mysteries to them since users don’t always know exactly which rabbit hole they are jumping down.

  • In-Game Mobile Marketing

This refers to mobile ads which appear within games. In-game ads can appear as a full-page image ad, banner pop-ups or even video ads in between loading screens.

  • Mobile Search Ads

These are the simple, most basic Google search ads that are created for mobile, usually featuring extra add-on extensions such as maps or click-to-call.

  • Location-Based Marketing

This kind of mobile ads appears on mobile devices based on the user’s location relative to a specific business or area.

For instance, some advertisers may want their mobile ads to only appear when users are within a 2-mile radius of their business.

  • SMS

This old mobile marketing involves capturing a customer’s phone number and sending them text offers.

  • Mobile Image Ads

These are image-based ads which are specifically designed to appear on mobile devices only.

Mobile Marketing Best Practices

Here are some tips in order to make the most out of your mobile marketing strategies:

  • Consider the Audience

The kind of audience that you want to reach should help you choose the type of mobile ads that you will be utilizing.

Are they young and tech-savvy? Facebook Promoted Post can get their attention. Are they gamers? In-game ads are your best bet.

  • Optimize for Local

Remember: 1 in 3 mobile searches have local intent. And users usually use mobile devices in order to complement their quick worldly interactions.

For instance:

“Where is the nearest convenience store or gas stations?”

“Is there a nearby restaurant with Wi-Fi?”

Optimize for local mobile marketing in order to make sure that you are aligning with the users’ queries.

  • Be Clear and Concise

Mobile devices, particularly smartphones, have small screens. This means that words should be used carefully. Crowded and cluttered ads will just drive users to scroll down. So when it comes to mobile ads, it is best to always keep things simple.


Mobile marketing is a necessity in this current digital economy that is dominated by smartphones, tablets and other smart mobile devices. People want to be mobile with their digital media and love the freedom of surfing the web whenever or wherever they like.

So, as digital marketers, you will need to adapt to this reality. Learn and embrace mobile marketing as part of your overall digital marketing campaigns and move forward!


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