Advertising Copy: A Game Changer

Today many marketers and businesses promote their business ventures on the internet. However, most of them fail to achieve the level of success they desire. They employ effective online strategies such as organic search engine optimization (SEO), pay per- click advertising campaigns, and social media marketing ads. 

In spite of these efforts, they lag heavily in terms of sales. The burning question is-what might be the reason behind their failure? 

The answer is they fail in copywriting. Their advertisement copy doesn’t contain the proverbial killer instinct to drive potential customers to buy.


Importance of the advertising copy


Most marketers neglect to pay attention to ensure that their copywriting is engagind and well done. They simply write down the description of the product and its key features. After creating the copy, they just promote it. However, tge truth is that this type of web copy doesn’t convert readers into customers. Simply listing the benefits and features of a particular product won’t help to upscale your venture. 

You need to put in dedicated efforts to make your copy compelling. Here’s how compelling advertising copy can lead to higher reader to customer conversions.

 How does advertising copy work?


Advertising copy is a specific type of copywriting. Its content is meant to arouse the attention of the reader to engage with the site and indulge in profitable actions, with the hope of decreasing the cost of acquisition per customer. These actions could be signing up for a newsletter, opting in to an email list or buying the product. 

No matter the intent, if the advertising copy succeeds in its purpose, inevitably more sales are made and ultimately the bottom and top-line revenue is increased. In a normal sales setting, the sales force handles the customers personally. 

They talk to the prospective customers for a time period ranging for a few minutes to several hours, answering the customers’ queries and addressing their issues. It’s this interaction that paves the path for sales. 

Without this interaction, the objections and questions of the potential customers would go unattended. Unanswered objections will deter customers from buying the product. A salesman will use his wit and expertise to communicate with the customers, address the objections, and provide valuable insights into the varied benefits of the product. 

That enhances the likelihood of making a sale. With that said, things are extremely different with online marketing. One on one personal interaction isn’t efficient online. It is to replace this interaction that great advertising copy aims to replicate both the salesman and the sales manager. 

Advertising is essentially a sales letter that dwells deep into customer objections and provides actionable solutions for the problems that customers are facing. Plus, the copy highlights the key features of the product. Additionally, it details the perks of buying the product and the discounts available at the time. As such, it’s written in such a way that it motivates a potential customer to buy the product.

 Purpose of the advertisement copy


Any advertisement copy aims to increase conversion rates and profitability. It’s possible to make your business profitable in three ways. You can drive more traffic to the sales page, increase your product’s value, or increase the percentage of traffic that converts into prospects. No matter which option you choose, it’s the advertisement copy that will determine the success of your efforts.

 Whether you prefer organic search campaigns or social media marketing ads, a well-delivered copy goes a long way in increasing conversions. The advertising copy communicates with the readers (potential customers) in the same manner a salesman communicates with the customers in person.

 If used properly, advertising copy is the secret weapon of any online advertising campaign. 


How advertising copy can be a game changer online.


Most businesses and marketers are aware of the power of copywriting. In spite of this fact, they fall behind when compared to the competition. 

The reason – they fail to create compelling sales copy. So, where do they fail? 

They fail in copywriting. Let’s understand this with a simple example. Suppose a group of individuals is walking on the street. Most of the individuals in the group are wearing the same outfit. A few of them are wearing a different outfit. 

Who’s going to be noticed? 

Your obvious answer will be – those with a different outfit. Why? They’re able to stand out from the crowd. Now let’s assume that one or two individuals among those few people are waving their hands to those watching them.

 It’s these two individuals who grab the attention of people watching them. They’re most likely to be remembered. People are likely to reciprocate the gestures in return. That’s what compelling copywriting does for your business.

If we want our brands to stand out amongst the millions of businesses in our market, we want our advertising copy to stand out to our potential customers. 

What Makes For Good Sales Copy?


Your sales copy should start with a question, exclamation or a click-bait style headline. You may even use statistics and numbers to arouse user attention. Once a user shows interest in the copy, we’ll hope they will read and engage with the content as a whole. 

Make sure you don’t bore your audience with irrelevant info. Write a sweet, to the point copy with relevant information. Use words that connect with the hearts of the readers.

 Include a problem in the copy and come up with a solution geared toward promoting your product. For instance, if you sell weight-loss pills, you may highlight the extreme ill effects of obesity and the direst potential problems. That will keep the readers engaged. Somewhere in the middle, post solutions to combat obesity. Finally, recommend your product as the only viable solution to combating such a problem. Highlight the features and benefits of your product.

 Lastly, you may want to include a call to action. You could also highlight the limited-time promotional deals. End the copy with a rhetorical question. That should trigger the buying intent of the reader. If you do this successfully, the reader is bound to make a purchase. Even the most undecided customer could fall in love with your copy and buy your product.


Bottom line


 Selling products or services online continues to become a more difficult task, thanks to the ever-increasing competition, saturated markets and the globalized nature of the online landscape. As well as employing proven online strategies, you need to deliver touchy advertising copy that will win the hearts and minds of its readers.

Whether you use social media marketing ads, pay per click campaigns or organic search campaigns, well-crafted copywriting will mean the difference between the success and failure of your ad.

Today, businesses that deliver compelling copywriting attract a growing number of customers and enjoy higher conversions. 

So, put your heart into copywriting, come up with the most innovative copy you can write and see the difference it makes to your business!



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