The Best DIY Digital Marketing Courses

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Many people have been in the position where they need to learn how to do digital marketing. This is a big responsibility and not one that should be taken lightly. There are many courses available on learning how to do this, but it can be hard knowing which ones are worth your time. Especially considering how much they cost.

We’ve all been privy to the gurus advertising their digital marketing courses on Facebook. Promising you to be able to quit your full-time job and make a living from drop-shipping or copywriting or SEO.

In this blog post, I’m going to highlight some of the best courses we’ve found as well as give you a brief analysis of what makes them so good.

Hopefully, these reviews will help steer you in the right direction if you’re looking for something new yourself! There are no affiliate links in this blog, so you know that our goal is to provide a thorough, informative view of the best digital marketing courses we’ve taken that have aided in assisting our clients and our personal businesses drive online revenue.

SEO Courses

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Search engine optimization is a difficult marketing strategy to excel at and thus be able to provide it as a service to clients. There is no specific manual on the best way to optimize a business website for search and in most cases, it is not provided as an extensive course in any university.

The owners and directors of Maxim Media personally recommend the following courses to get yourself up to date with SEO. SEO is generally done in the capacity to provide it as a service to clients and optimize local, national, and international sites.

Prominent SEO experts also utilize SEO as a means of selling affiliate products online.

Pure SEO

Our favorite SEO course and the one where we’ve obtained the most value is the 90 day SEO course by Matthew Woodward.

Matthew Woodward is a prominent SEO expert and has been for many years. The free information he has online and the easy-to-digest nature of his content means he is a great resource to learn from.

The course takes you through 80+ video lessons which are all around 20 minutes long. The videos cover everything from on-page SEO to link-building strategies, content strategy, and technical fixes that will have your website dominating search in no time. Woodward easily connects pieces of the SEO puzzle together in video lessons that are easy to understand and navigate.

Affiliate Marketing Based SEO Courses

The two most comprehensive SEO courses we’ve completed have a focus on SEO-based affiliate marketing. However, their tried and tested methods can really apply to any small-to-midsize business looking to increase the overall traffic to their website and their authority.

The Affiliate Lab

The Affiliate Lab’s SEO course is the most comprehensive and easiest to follow course we’ve taken. Matt Diggity breaks down the entire process into digestible chunks that are easy to understand. He also provides a working knowledge of how search works. This really goes a long way in understanding how your SEO strategy can be used as a means for generating revenue with affiliate marketing or other business models.

The one drawback I would say about this course is that there isn’t much time given to different researching methods, like using Google ads or keyword tools. But if you’re looking for something more comprehensive and easier to understand, this may be the best course for you!

Authority Hackers

The Authority Hackers course by Mark Webster & Gael Breton positions itself as the reference for Authority sites. It’s the perfect SEO course for online marketing newcomers and will provide a good overview of what it takes to rank well on search engines.

There is some overlap with topics in The Affiliate Lab’s course, but you’ll find that there are plenty of unique topics and practices in The Authority Hacker’s course, too.

Continuing with the previous thought, this SEO course does not spend much time on keyword research using Google ads or other tools. There is a focus on “Guerilla marketing” which may not be of interest to all viewers. This course also may not be suitable for those who don’t have much time and who are on a tight budget.

With that being said, in completing the course you’ll have access to tactics not used by the vast majority of SEO companies which will give you a competitive advantage against your competition.

Your DIY digital marketing strategy is nothing without arguably the most popular digital marketing method at this point in time and that’s Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads Courses

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With the rise and rise of the drop-shipping guru, so has the prominence and popularity of Facebook ads as a digital marketing method to sell products and services.

There are so-called internet marketing gurus all over Facebook using click funnels and other mediums to drown their subscribers in information before compelling them to buy their overpriced course. The best Facebook Ads course our team at Maxim Media has completed is easily the free Facebook Ads Blueprint.

The Facebook Ads Blueprint

The Facebook Ads blueprint is a free course by Facebook. The course features more than 100 mini videos and offers everything you’ll need to know about Facebook ads before you start spending your hard-earned cash on ads that don’t work.

The owners at Facebook break down the importance of targeting, designing, bidding, and other aspects of Facebook advertising. The best part is that it’s free and it’s laid out in a way that anyone can follow.

Another thing we liked about this Facebook Ads course is the fact that it starts with the basics and allows you to work your way up. It doesn’t overload you with information, but rather teaches you in a simple manner which makes it easy for anyone to follow along. It also provides a free certification for anyone that has completed it, in its entirety. Whopping value for the total cost of $0, you really can’t get much better.

Through our experience, we’ve found that most other expensive Facebook Ads courses are just video rehashings of specific facets of the Facebook Ads Blueprint.

Trial & Error

Like most things, lessons are best learned through experience and the same can be said for digital marketing, especially the use of Facebook Ads. Most internet marketers will tell you that the only way to truly know what works and what doesn’t is through trial & error, much like the rest of us.

However, some course creators will try to convince you otherwise by selling a bunch of useless info for the cost of your time and hard-earned cash. Don’t fall victim to these overpriced borderline scams.

We’ve become so clinical at producing best-in-class Facebook Ads results for our clients and this is through managing large ad spends and extreme trial and error. We’ve made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to.

If you don’t have the time to learn, or simply don’t want to and you would like someone to manage your SEO or Facebook for you, please contact us directly and we’ll explain exactly why your Australian business needs a full-service digital marketing strategy.


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