SEO in the time of Covid-19

The coronavirus outbreak has decimated the world’s economy and changed the way we work for many, many years to come. 

With the change in the economy, the advent of social distancing and a crackdown on travelling there stands to be a significant change in the way businesses provide and market their products or services.

Here’s how you can take advantage of your search engine marketing in the age of Corona. 

Content Creation

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, and social restrictions taking place throughout the world that are affecting millions of people and businesses, marketing is not at the forefront of most business strategy at present.

Most businesses are concerned with preserving cash flow, finding out ways to pivot their service provision and avoiding bankruptcy. 

If you’re a small business in an extremely competitive market, now is the time to double down on your online content creation and marketing efforts. 

Specifically, search engine optimization of your website and search engine marketing. 

With fewer businesses spending money in this space and you being able to optimize by just creating relevant content, you can easily bridge the gap between your business and that market-leading competitor you have always been envious of.

Create a content calendar while you work from home. 

Make sure you stick to it. 

A content calendar is simply a to-do list of content creation. Make sure you assign a deadline to each piece of content you create, share it on your relevant social channels and create the content in different types. 

To do research into the specific topics of the content you need to create, the easiest and cheapest way to create content in your market that people are searching for is to do a quick google search of your money keyword (the keyword that drives revenue in your business). 

At the bottom of the search results will be suggested keywords by Google, these keywords can provide you with an idea as to what your prospective customers may also be searching for. 

For easy wins, create long-form content relating to these specific keywords and again, share them on your social channels. 

Once you’re committed to continuous content curation, you can obtain a lot of traction in your search engine marketing efforts by focusing your attention to fixing any on-page errors and maximising your inner linking efforts. 

Fixing On-Page Errors

At MaximMedia we recently started using page optimizer pro  Kyle Roof (the creator) takes a scientific approach to on-page SEO. This tool is extremely simple to use and any layman without any experience wouldn’t have too much difficulty utilizing this program. 

They currently have a 7-day trial which you can utilize to run reports on exact areas of your website in which you can fix specific on-page errors relating to content, synonyms of keywords, heading tags that will assist your businesses’ search presence and specific recommendations relating to schema mark-up. 

It’s also a good idea to try and smash out your inner linking during this time of business uncertainty. Inner linking is a pivotal part of on-page SEO and one that doesn’t require too much technical expertise. 

Find relevant text in the paragraphs of your articles or sales copy and link them to other relevant pages. 

An example of this is if I were to write an article relating to link building. As you can see I’ve hyperlinked the word link building and directed the link to my article on DIY link building, it’s really that simple and this is a strategy that can drive immediate results. 

Digital PR

Another strategy you can use that will assist with your online search presence whilst the pandemic is taking over is digital public relations.

Building relationships with other similar businesses in your market is an extremely valuable strategy, especially when it comes to improving your online search presence. 

Reach out to competitors, companies in similar verticals, and bloggers who write about your industry.

Reach out to them and offer to share the content you’ve created. Infographics, studies and video content are really valuable and can help you stand out amongst the crowd.

Engaging in this type of public relations will drive more relevant traffic to your website, increase your website’s overall authority and ultimately improve your site’s online presence (when everyone else is focusing on staying open).

We’re still building links for our clients during this time and we’ve discovered that paid links are significantly cheaper, webmasters are also more responsive and we’ve been able to double-down on our link building for our clients and we recommend you do the same.

If this is all too complicated for you, we’re offering discounted SEO services until the end of the year. 

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