The Automated Social Media Lead Machine

What if I told you there was a highly regarded, source of leads that were constant, never-ending and at the same time laser targeted. 

That would fill your sales pipeline with new, interested consumers on auto-pilot. 

I don’t think I’d be lying if I said every business owner would love access to this lead machine. 

That source is social media. It’s the single most opportunistic marketing channel on the planet right now. 

In the following article, we’re going to show you a brand new way to hack your social media profiles to generate unlimited free traffic for your business. 

This method is seamless, without requiring an excessing amount of skills or knowledge of how to run ads. 

The Power Of The Optimized Facebook Profile 

Have you ever scrolled through your news feed and come across a profile that has just stuck out for you? 

More than likely, this was not by chance. 

If I see a comment or post that catches my attention, I’ll generally click on the profile to get a picture of the person that is commenting and see what they’re about. 

I guess most of us on social media are just stickybeaks but this brings me to my next point. 

Have you ever wondered, how many people are clicking on your social media profiles every day?

He’s how we’ve created our seamless lead generating method. 

Optimizing our personal Facebook profile. 

Landing pages are a very powerful marketing method. They’re essentially a barebones page that compels a user to take a certain action. 

That action may be to exchange their contact details for a free report or an e-book. In marketing circles, the freebie is aptly called a ‘lead magnet’.

To optimize your personal Facebook profile, it’s not hard, all you need to do is tweak a few things that you may have been unaware of before.

 This will result in a steady stream of relevant, hyper-targeted leads and email contacts for your business.

Here’s a step by step blueprint on optimizing your personal Facebook profile for hyper-targeted leads. 

Step 1: Creating Your Lead Magnet

Firstly, you want to start by creating a compelling cover image. This can be done quickly through any free graphics design platform. 

Canva is an awesome place to start. Include a link to your lead magnet in the cover photo.

You also need to include a link to your lead magnet or landing page (which must have a link to your lead magnet and an email capture form) in your page’s bio. 

The purpose of this method is to drive users away from Facebook and obtain their personal information with the idea that you will continue contacting them with relevant, valuable information until they become paying customers. 

Types Of Lead Magnets

Your lead magnet should be irresistible to anyone who is visiting your Facebook profile. 

Below are types of lead magnets that have proven success.

  • Mini-course
  • Giveaways
  • Case Study
  • Whitepaper 
  • Ebook
  • Video
  • Access to valuable Google Drive Folder
  • Discount

Once you’ve created your lead magnet it’s now time to convert it into a presentable format.

Most lead magnets are presented as a box, that way the viewer feels like it’s a tangible product, this increases the perceived value of your lead magnet. 

This will increase the conversion rate of visitors to converted leads. 

It’s advisable to use a service like Fiverr or Upwork to create the most inexpensive mockup possible. 

Step 2: Creating A Persuasive CTA (Call To Action)

The next and most important step in creating a Facebook profile that generates leads on auto-pilot is to create the perfect call to action that visitors can click to take the desired action on your profile. 

There are 4 elements to the perfect Facebook profile call to action (CTA). 

  1. Your headline: It should be brief, to the point and persuasive.
  2. Two pointing finger emojis either side of your headline. 
  3. Another relevant emoji next to the aforementioned finger emoji that provides an overview as to what your lead magnet hopes to achieve (i.e. a money emoji). 
  4. A URL shortened link. 

The most important element of this marketing method is your headline. 

It needs to be persuasive, enticing, concise and benefit orientated. 

Once you’ve done this, keep it handy as we’ll be adding this call to action to as many places as possible. We use Zenpen to keep all our profile call to actions in one place. 

Step 3: Cover Photo Optimization

The more colourful your profile picture and your cover photo, the higher chance you have at conversions. 

It’s no surprise that aesthetically pleasing websites, brochures, and other miscellaneous marketing materials have a higher conversion rate. 

You cover photo is the billboard of your Facebook profile. It’s critical in presenting your lead magnet. 

Like your lead magnet, a great cover photo includes specific elements that drive conversions. 

  • A headline (as explained in the paragraph above)
  • Button (enticing the viewer to click).
  • A call to action.

The idea is that when the button is clicked a pop-up will appear to the visitor with a link to your lead magnet. 

The call to action button in your cover photo should be viewable by both clicking on your profile picture and clicking on the cover photo. 

To create an optimal cover photo that is ready to drive cold viewers into leads. It’s an excellent idea to complete the following. 

Make sure the size is 815×315 pixels and make sure to centrally place your call to action so that it can be viewed successfully on mobile. 

Now, that we’ve optimized our cover photo, we need to optimize our profile picture. 

Step 4: Profile Optimization

Profile optimization is really simple, the underlying goal of our optimization is to focus on leaving a link to our lead magnet in as many places as allowed by Facebook. 

The introduction section of your Facebook profile is a key section that gives visitors to your profile an opportunity to click your link. Therefore, this section of your profile must be eye-catching. 

Best practice dictates that you should just copy and paste your Facebook Cover Photo CTA (call to action) to allow the visitor to claim your lead magnet. 

The next thing we want to do is add the same link in our bio section. It’s super easy to add your link here and it gives visitors another way to obtain your lead magnet. 

The next facet of your profile we’ll be optimizing is the featured photo.

We call this our underutilized secret weapon, simply because I’ve yet to come across many profiles that are using this space effectively.

Like our cover photo, we’ll be adding our important elements. 

  • Headline
  • Button
  • Mockup

With that, our profile page optimization is done. If you’ve done it correctly, your Facebook profile should now look just as good as any built to convert landing page. 

Now that we’ve transformed our profile into a landing page. 

We need to now optimize the landing page in which our lead magnet will be accessible. 

Step 5: Landing Page Creation And Optimization

Essentially our sales funnel will go from Facebook profile to landing page where we exchange the lead magnet for their email, to thank you page to a 6 email sequence into perpetuity. 

It’s a great idea to also experiment with upsells on the thank you page. 

Our landing page’s main function is to point attention to obtaining our lead magnet. 

All conversions must be based around the visitor inputting their email address into our lead capture form. 

Therefore the following must be included and are considered best practice. 

  • Your form should be above the fold (the uppermost part of the website that can be seen before scrolling).
  • A mock-up of the lead magnet. 
  • Testimonials
  • Features and benefits of your lead magnet.

It’s well known in marketing circles that data is the most valuable resource. Once we have a consumers email address, we can market to them forever. 

How Do I Build A Landing Page?

Landing pages come in different shapes and sizes. You can commission us to build a landing page for you, we generally charge a flat rate, that includes copywriting, images and conversion rate optimization.

Otherwise, there is a myriad of drag and drop builders on the market. 

The most well known and our favourite is lead pages

The choice is totally up to you, there are a lot of great builders out there, the ultimate goal is to have a page with similar or the same elements as your Facebook profile.

Try not to detract yourself from the goal which is to continue building your email list. 

To make it easy for you, here’s our ‘awesome landing page checklist’. 

  • Lead magnet mock-up.
  • Headline (from your profile).
  • Featured testimonial.
  • 3 Benefits.
  • An introduction as to who you are.
  • At least 3 CTAs 

Your Thank You Page

Your thank you page must include a link to your complimentary lead magnet. 

Use this page to invite them to like and follow your social pages and explore other services and products that you have. 

Step 6: Email Sequences

You’ve optimized your Facebook profile, created your lead magnet and created your landing page. 

You’ve obtained the ever-important email address of your lead, now it’s time to utilize that email address to make you money. Once this has done, you’ve almost successfully monetized your Facebook profile. 

Without an automated lead follow-up system, you’re missing out, big time. 

We close most of our clients through our automated email sequence. The great thing about this automation is that we don’t have to lift a finger, everything is actioned on auto-pilot. 

The email sequence should aim to provide your lead with value, until the very final email where you attempt to sell a product or inexpensive service to get them to make micro-commitments. This strategically will enable you to get them to purchase your full-price service/product later on. 

Step 7: Engage On Social Media

Now that your social media lead apparatus is set up. 

You can now drive on-demand traffic directly from your smartphone or tablet. 

It’s hard to believe I know.

The next action step you want to take is to get engaged in social media. 

Facebook is such a large place. Your key to success lies in finding groups of like-minded people in which you can share valuable information. 

In layman’s terms, it’s providing free information to prospective customers in the hope that they will join onto your mailing list. 

That means joining relevant Facebook groups. 

There are Facebook groups for every market, niche, sub-niche and vertical. 

Your future customers are hanging out in these watering holes asking questions you can answer every single day. 

Focus on 3-4 Facebook groups that suit your market, introduce yourself and make a concerted effort to do the following. 

  • Interact: Use hearts, reply to people’s comments with positivity, hearts. 
  • Post Engaging Information: Post engaging, valuable content with the hope of becoming an authority figure in your market.
  • Start Building Relationships: Message people who’ve engaged with your content and start building symbiotic relationships. 

Using the above methods will help drive laser targeted traffic to your Facebook profile, which in turn will drive this traffic to your landing page, putting them in your email sequence and allowing you to market to them until they become paying consumers. 

Whilst the process isn’t too time-consuming, you can growth hack this method with a virtual assistant which would make this process one hundred per cent automated. 

Head over to Upwork.

Use the template below to find someone to fill the role. 

Virtual Assistant Hiring Template


We’re searching for a social media virtual assistant to help manage my Facebook business page. My business is in the (insert niche) industry, so any experience or knowledge in that field is a plus.

Your responsibilities will be outlined on a receipt: 

  • Creating & posting simple content
  • Boosting posts
  • Inviting people to like the page
  • Other general interactions on Facebook.

We’re looking for someone who has immediate availability to start.

We look forward to working with you

(Your name)

Once that’s done, it’s time to pat yourself on the back, you’ve now created a fully automated system that siphons FREE leads and sales from your Facebook profile. 


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