The Best Ecommerce Platform: Shopify or Woocommerce

The Best Ecommerce Platform: Shopify vs Woocommerce.

E-commerce advertising is now becoming a trend for online stores.This article analyzes the best e-commerce platforms in depth. Both these platforms have significant differences you need to know about if you are to utilize them for your business.

Today, we’re comparing Shopify to Woocommerce. Let the battle begin!


Shopify is a standalone, all-in-one hosted e-commerce platform. It allows you to manage the products and payment from clients. Other features are based on the paid subscription. Shopify works even on phones with more than 54 store templates. The designs are created by professional web designers that bring about fashionably sleek sites. You can even freely customize the platform through the Theme editor.


Woocommerce can’t work completely without the help of the WordPress plugin. This is free software wherein you can enjoy other benefits from WordPress. It allows the use of a content management system (CMS) to complete a website. Woocommerce has many more designs  to offer as compared to Shopify, but you need to pay extra to enjoy the overall set up of the e-commerce site. This is hosted by users.


There are a lot of differences between Shopify and Woocommerce. In this section, we’ll see which one is worthy of putting your trust in.


Pricing includes initial cost, and if required, there are additional costs to enjoy add-on features. Shopify is clearer in stating price than Woocommerce. It offers few pricing packages classified into three levels: Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify. The cost starts from $29/month up to $299/month. Each plan comes with the software, web hosting, and domain name.The SSL certificate is included for free. In every transaction, charges are 2.9% plus 30 cents while 2.0% flat free for third-party payment solution.

The Woocommerce plugin can be downloaded without any fee but additional costs are to follow ifyou are to use this platform. Look for hosting companies recommended for Woocommerce hosting packages with a discounted cost.




Perhaps you’ve ended up with these e-commerce solutions trying to make your the workload easier to bear. Hiring a web developer might just be the most convenient way to create online shops. But, even without their help, you can make one.

Between the two e-commerce platforms,which one is easier to use?

Shopify is suitable for anyone who’s just starting an online business. It is a one-window platform which doesn’t require any installation and updates all throughout. Your actions are all taken care of by the website. It offers many customizable designs that are simple to
set up. There are a drag and drop builder for more effortless adding of
products and managing reports.

Woocommerce is more challenging to set up. First is you need to create a WordPress site that requires a domain name and hosting account beforehand. After the installation of the Woocommerce plugin on your website, proceed to the configuration of your online store. It
has flexible customization of designs as there are several WordPress themes offered. You need to pay an additional cost for plugins to have drag and drop the builder.

The Verdict:

We are impressed with Woocommerce’s functionality, but Shopify scores this one.



Multiple payment options are best for e-commerce business. Consider the clients’ capability to make payments in your store.The one that has lesser transactions
in processing payments is much better.So which one is it?

Shopify has its payment solution named Shopify Payments. This method directly sends payments to Shopify without passing through payment gateways. It has no transaction fee other than flat credit card fees. It got issues for the additional charges of 2% transaction
fee via a third-party payment gateway. Woocommerce allows Stripe and PayPal
payments and many more payment solutions via add-ons. Only default fees are
paid, and no transaction fees required even for third-party payment solutions.

Card payments are more expensive under Shopify. Woocommerce wins this one.




Your business’ safety is a huge concern primarily online. If one thing is compromised, all areas will be affected.

Both e-commerce platforms are fully secured. They only differ in terms of who does the job.

Shopify has ultimately got your back even without getting an SSL. Hackers have no power over your site too. Set a strong password to ensure better security.

Woocommerce is different. WordPress Plugin has no security measures. Your site’s safety falls in your hands. Get an SSL certificate. Assign servers for your hosting company and configure plugins and two-factor authentication.

Shopify complied with PCI DSS for enhanced security over the incomes. Further, Woocommerce can have one when utilized with the right tools. Security badges are available for both e-commerce platforms. Shopify wins here.

The Results: Who Came Out On Top?

The best e-commerce platform is subjective and totally depends on your business’ needs and requirements. Shopify and Woocommerce have balanced strengths and weaknesses. You can compare what has been told earlier before making a choice. Pick the platform on which you’ll be at an advantage.

Shopify could be the best choice when you aim for lesser supervision and ease of use. Choose Woocommerce for in-depth control and lower initial cost required.



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