The How To Guide To Creating A Facebook Business Page

So you have finally decided to create a Business page on Facebook. With so many guides saying different things about a Facebook Business Page, we have created a simple yet detailed How-to Guide for creating a Facebook Business Page.

Even before we begin, you need to understand one thing. Facebook page cannot be created as an individual entity. It needs to be linked with a personal profile on Facebook. This is to know who the owner of the page is and create a business page. A business page can be created for your brand, a cause or your business. These pages have a variety of features like Facebook Ads, scheduling posts, and analytics all of which are designed specifically for Facebook for business. These are not available for individual profiles.

Let us get started in creating a Facebook Business page for you.

Step 1: Setting up the page


To create a page for your business, you need to first log into your own Facebook profile. After logging in, select the Home button appearing next to your profile name. Now click on the Pages option which will appear under the Explore section on the left-hand sidebar.

Once you click on it, it will take you to the Pages section where you will see several options like suggestions for top page, invites, liked pages, managed pages, and create a new business page. Click on create page.

After this, you need to choose the page type for the business page. There are six categories:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, organization or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band or Public figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

Each of these categories has an extensive category list that you need to choose from the drop-down menu. You need to pick one from this list and set a page type and page category that suits your business the best. If you need to change the category, you can go back and pick a different category even after the page has been published.

Now, it’s time to fill in all the details including a name for your business page, other information requested by Facebook and click on Get Started. Voila, you will be redirected to your own Facebook Business page. Facebook will guide you with a few ideas and tips to create an excellent page and manage it. You can go through these before inviting people to your page.

What you should do at this moment is to remove the page from the public eye to work on it. For doing this, click on the settings tab under the navigation bar at the top. Click on Page visibility under General settings and change its visibility to Page Unpublished. Now save your settings and start building your page.

Step 2: Add profile picture


A profile picture can be anything that signifies your business.

  • Your brand name or logo
  • A picture of your products
  • Anyone who is the face of the business

It is recommended to keep a clean and simple profile picture which can be associated and recognized with the brand. The dimensions of your profile picture needs to be 180×180 to view perfectly on all devices. To add the profile picture you need to click on the profile image of Facebook and click on Add a picture when prompted. Choose Upload photo option and follow the prompts onscreen for uploading the picture.

Step 3: Add Cover picture for the page


For uploading a cover picture, you need to follow the same procedure as that of creating a profile picture. The size of a Facebook cover picture needs to be 828 x 315 pixels. If you want your cover picture to be clearly visible on a mobile device then make sure that any text on the cover picture needs to be within 560 x 315 pixels.

As soon as your cover picture is ready, you need to upload it on your page. Click on Add a cover picture button that appears in the space for cover photo in the upper-left corner. Now click on upload photo. Once the picture is uploaded you will have the liberty to drag and adjust the image on the cover space. When you are happy with the way it looks you can save the changes. You also have the option to fill in the description of the cover picture.

Step 4: Add a CTA button


A Call-to-action button will help people get in touch with you easily. There are a lot of things that you can do with CTA buttons. Asking people to sign-up, make an appointment or buying your products.

Click on Add Button that can be found under the cover picture on the right corner. You can select from one of the seven kinds of standard buttons.

Step 5: Add a Page description


You can utilize this space to describe your page to people. Fill in detailed information to attract potential followers. It is however limited to just 155 characters and will show up in search results.

The Add a short description option will let you add description for your page. Use the best keyword and phrases that your potential clients will look for.

Step 6: Create a custom and unique username


By default, every page gets a unique identifier which can be seen in the URL. It will look like this: This is not easy to remember and can be difficult for people to use when tagging you. Facebook gives you an option to customize the second half of the page name with a username.

Something similar to your brand name or business can be used. If your business name is ABC consultants, then the username can be We recommend keeping it short and straightforward.

Step 7:  Security and Privacy Settings

Facebook business page gives a lot of security and privacy features, to help your page function smoothly and efficiently.  General settings for the page, Message settings, page settings, notification settings, page roles, messenger settings, page audience settings, people and other page settings, are the available settings. You can set them as per your requirements and publish your page.

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