The Local Lead Generation Guide

Odds are if you’re in a local service market, you’re not adept at marketing your own business and that’s why you’ve come to check out this guide. 

You don’t trust agencies, their mark-ups are considerable, trust me, I’ve been in your position. 

The question then presents itself, how can I obtain a considerable amount of leads for my business without having to spend too much money?

Great question, and one we here at Maxim Media would love to answer. 

Generating leads for local and small business can be cumbersome, at times difficult and begs the question, where do I start?

This guide will be an overview of tactics you can implement in your business right away to obtain immediate results. 

Facebook Advertising

Social media is a buzzword in most business circles, if your business is just tuning in, chances are you’ve started looking into Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat advertising a little too late. 

Social media advertising is different from other more traditional forms of pay per click marketing. 

Buyer Search intent which is prevalent in Google Ads is simply not there. 

A user will see your advertisement whilst browsing their news feed, they’re not specifically looking to buy at that specific point in time. 

Facebook advertising is an especially powerful medium for driving traffic to your local business’s website and ultimately driving sales. 

For local business marketing, you want to make sure that you have the following elements in your advertising. 

  • An offer: This should be irresistible to whoever is looking at your advertisement. Dentists might use an offer of a ‘free teeth whitenin’ with every filling’ to get more patients through the door. The goal is then to direct all traffic from this source to a landing page.
  • A great landing page: A landing page that fits all the requirements of not having too much clutter, having a clear objective, is tantamount when generating leads locally. Once a lead gives you their email in exchange for the offer, use marketing automation software to follow up until they buy. 
  • Some form of marketing automation: Marketing automation software like Active Campaign will be used to then send targeted emails to the leads you’ve discovered. These emails should be brief but they should always include a call to action at the bottom. 

Social media marketing, whether it is Facebook ads or Instagram is also a great way to re-target traffic that has visited your website but didn’t take any action. 

This can all be set up through Facebook’s Business Manager and by installing the Facebook Pixel on your website.

To retarget leads that are no longer cold, you need organic traffic and organic traffic can be obtained through search engine optimization(SEO). 

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a cost-effective way to generate constant leads without having to worry about paying for each click through to your website. 

Generally, search engine optimization traffic has been shown to convert at a higher percentile than its pay per click counterparts.

That’s why it’s significantly important for local businesses to make sure their website has great search visibility. 

That begs the question, how does one obtain ‘great search visibility’?

The answer may come as a shock to you. Optimizing your website for search is about having the best answer to anyone query in your market. 

However, at Maxim Media, we take the notion one step further. The aim must be to appear to Google as being THE MOST authoritative site in your niche. 

To become the most authoritative in Google’s eyes, there are several things local businesses should do.

  • Content Creation:  Create as much, relevant content as possible. Try to create it on mediums that can be watched as well as read, always publish your content on your site first, so you don’t have any duplicate content issues. 
  • Share Your Content: Share your content with links back to your website (the link should be branded i.e. Maxim Media, not digital marketing sydney). Ask other location and market-relevant websites to link back to your shared content. 
  • Optimize Your Website: Make sure you have some form of long-form content on each page, include keywords in your title tags, include synonyms of your keywords where possible and make sure you create a page for each service you provide and suburb that you service. 

If all the above is done and done well your small business should be on the road to obtaining leads through long-tail keywords, over time, your website will be seen as an authority and you’ll get a steady stream of traffic to your website. Think of SEO as long term digital public relations and conceptually, it will be a lot easier for you.

If that all seems too technical and complicated you cal always sign up to lead generation sites and or post ads on Gumtree or Craigslist. 

Lead Generation Sites

When discussing local lead generation, you cannot forget to mention the myriad of lead generation sites who solely exist to sell leads to small businesses. 

The benefits of using sites like Hipages or Service Seeking are that if you’re on a budget and desperate for sales you’ll get access to leads who are ready to buy the service you’re selling. 

However, in our experience, the downsides certainly override the benefits. The costs of the leads can be exorbitant, whilst the customer receives a maximum of 3 quotes, they’re likely to be price shopping and your competitors will undercut your price. 

There are a lot of snake oil salesmen on these platforms which means you’ll lose jobs to local businesses who aren’t qualified.


Gumtree can be an easy platform to generate quality leads for small local businesses. 

All you have to do is create an account, post an ad, load it up with pictures and write the advertising copy using competent English, link to your professionally made website and your listing will stand out against the trash that is the other listings. 

The downside to generating leads through Gumtree is that it’s easy to be exposed to scammers and if you’re not used to navigating these troubled waters, you might find your vessel (your business) capsizing before you obtain any solid leads. 

When it comes to local lead generation, it can be a precarious venture. To conclude this definitive guide here are our recommendations.

Our Recommendations

I’ve personally built a 7 figure local business by strictly focusing on SEO. 

I feel it’s the easiest way to drive quality leads who are ready to buy.

People searching for keywords that you’re ranked for have more buyer intent than those on social media and those leads generated through SEO essentially belong to you.

I’m a firm believer that the best digital marketing strategy to drive leads is a holistic one.

If I were creating a local business from scratch, I’d first optimize my website for search, I’d then install the Facebook Pixel and have a myriad of retargeting ads live.

These retargeting ads would always be showing for visitors who went to my home page or visited my about page or a specific services page. 

Following this guide should allow you to have a steady stream of local leads ready to buy your product or service.

If you feel this is all too technical and would like the professionals to handle it, we’re always here to help. 


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