Why You Should Hire An SEO Agency For Your Business

SEO, is there any other more confusing term in the digital marketing space.

Is there any other industry where a huge portion of service providers are selling snake oil?

Trust me, I know. 

You see, In addition to my marketing agency, I run three, yes three, local service businesses. 

We’ve driven over $5,000,000 in collective revenue and serviced close to 30,000 homes in Sydney, alone. 

To drive revenue to these businesses, to begin with, I hired an SEO agency and let me tell you, they were terrible. 

Glorified salesmen whose goal was to drive as much profit as possible.

They provided no content, the backlinks they built were cheap and they created website link farms with links back to all of their clients. 

I selected this agency as a result of the overwhelmingly positive reviews and testimonials they had on Facebook. What a mistake this turned out to be. 

A Google penalty, $40,000 later and a dramatic loss in traffic and authority and I decided to take on the project myself. 

What a blessing in disguise this turned out to be. 

Now, dodging the minefield that is SEO providers can be a convoluted and often anxiety-inducing project; 

In this article, I’ll delve into the top 3 reasons you should hire an SEO agency and hopefully we provide you with enough value that you choose Maxim Media as that provider. 

Become an authority:

The not so obvious but the number one reason to purchase SEO services for your business is that your business will gain an unrivalled level of authority in your market. 

I can sense you scratching your head, authority, what does that even mean?

Authority sites are no new thing. They’re websites in which are deemed to be an authoritative figure in any market. 

Think Handy and Airtasker in the local services marketplace niche. Their SEO strategy has strictly been related to gaining as much authority for their website as possible. 

In doing this, your site will be a force to be reckoned with in your market. 

You’ll find that other sites will link back to your content on a more regular basis, further increasing your authority. It’s a perpetual cycle of gains. 

It also means when you post a new piece of content, upload new product or services pages, those pages will be quicker to index and ultimately rank. 

In addition to growing the targeted traffic of your website, the goal of any reputable SEO campaign should be to ultimately increase site authority in the hope that you will not only increase your brand presence in the search engines but also within the marketplace itself.  

 Generating quality relevant traffic

Number 2 in the list of top 3 reasons to hire an SEO agency is to have your website generate quality relevant traffic. 

great SEO agency will include topical keyword research to find those low hanging fruit (easy to rank for keywords) that will drive revenue for your business. 

They’ll not only create a backlink strategy (the votes that drive authority for your website) they’ll develop a strategic PR campaign that will make this link building in line with Google’s terms of service. 

Think of link building as the fuel that drives your website’s authority. With increase authority, your site will start ranking for keywords with a tonne of competition, driving more targeted traffic to your website. 

In addition to link building, hiring an SEO agency for your business will mean created curated content that drives traffic to the top of your funnel.

Although that traffic may not be immediately ready to buy. They’ll receive supplemental information which in turn will endear them to your brand and lead them to purchase your product or service in the future. 

The benefits of a holistic marketing strategy

SEO is generally a cheaper investment when compared with other more ‘traditional forms’ of digital marketing. 

SEO, when combined with Facebook’s retargeting pixel, will lead to a plethora of ready to buy leads coming to your website. 

Engaging an SEO agency for your business and subsequent website traffic is an extremely positive move. 

You should always do your due diligence and ask any potential providers specific questions on why your company should hire an SEO agency, what that agency will be providing as a service and how they’ll be reporting this information to you, and on what basis. 

For more comprehensive information on SEO as a service, check out our blog or if you want to know the why, check out our article on why digital marketing is a necessity for any business.  


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