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Our focus is on direct response marketing, increasing revenue for E-commerce and local businesses while decreasing advertising spend. Our mission? Provide a holistic strategy to guarantee you leads, calls, and cart purchases!

Why MaximMedia?

We Get Results

In addition to being digital marketers, we have our own businesses and utilize the same strategies that we use for campaigns with clients. We can drive over 8 figures in revenue thanks to these tools!

Budget Friendly

Our digital marketing services are tailored to meet the needs of small and midsize enterprises. We'll advertise your company so that you can concentrate on running it!

Online Marketing That Drives Growth

You're in good hands. We work tirelessly to create campaigns that give you the best value out of your marketing dollars, so we can help you reach all those new customers and make our success yours as well!

Real Time Analytics and Testing

We're committed to providing you with the best information possible. That's why we use scientific testing in all of our campaigns, so that your advertising is always successful no matter what stage it may be at.

Dedicated Account Management

Your project manager is ready to assist you 5 days a week. They have the skills and expertise necessary for managing your account, so be confident knowing that they're available whenever you need them!

Landing Page, Design, Copy and Conversion Optimization

Our digital strategy has been a success. In the last year, we have increased our visitors by millions and know how to get you more out of your advertising money.

The Best Digital Marketing Company On Hobart

Maxim Media understands that not all businesses are ready to invest in a bespoke digital marketing agency. That’s why we created the Maxim Marketplace, an online marketplace where small business owners can buy and sell their products at near wholesale prices!

Maxim Media is not your average digital marketing company. They dig deep into what you want in order to create a bespoke strategy for growing your business and getting the results that matter most.

Book A Digital Marketing Strategy Call Today

We know that you have a lot on your plate and we will not waste our time with unnecessary amounts of jargon. We get right down to business when it comes to getting results for the best price possible, guaranteed!

Customized Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is personal, which is why we tailor each of our projects to the specific needs and goals for your business.

You’re in luck! We have a team of experts to help with the analysis. This includes an audit of your website, current SEO, Facebook Ads account (or other platforms), customer acquisition cost and lifetime value.

When we onboard new clients, the first step is to take a good look at what’s already going on. We’ll fix any problems and then start building out your campaign strategy by looking closely at what you’re currently doing well in terms of attracting qualified leads.

Growing Businesses In The Hobart

We start by fixing problems on your website so that you can get more qualified leads.

We have the best strategies around, so if you want to know more or just bounce some ideas back and forth with a team that understands your needs click below.

Want To Work With Us?

Hobart Digital Marketing Agency: Our Services

SEO Management

SEO strategies remain the key to increasing organic search visibility on Google and improving lead generation, as well. SEO is also an ever-changing process that needs constant monitoring in order for your NY business to succeed.
We are proud of what we've achieved as a leading provider of search optimization solutions - so much so that now there's never been more reason than ever before to get your campaign optimized by Cardinal!

Instagram Ads Agency

There are many methods to bring in quick results, but PPC is not the only way. A campaign that lacks optimization can become a black hole and spend your budget with little ROI. With an agency you will be able to fix, build, and optimize for success so time is never wasted again!
Cardinal's team is made up of experts who know how use Google Ads and Facebook ads effectively - no matter what type of business you run. Contact our friendly staff if you want more information about these resources that can generate an impressive return on investment with as little cost involved as possible

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing text materials, videos, infographics - anything that provides value to your audience. The goal? To drive traffic back to your business website so you can convert visitors into customers who trust what they're seeing before taking any action!
Cardinal can take your content strategy up to the next level. We understand that you’re looking for more than just a copywriter or any other service provider: we pay attention to detail and care about what you need most.

Web Design & Development

The internet is the first source that people turn to when looking for information, which means most decisions are made based on what they see online. 97% of consumers will read reviews before making a purchase decision at local businesses. Is your business’ reputation in line with this statistic?
I want to help you make your brand more awesome. Let's work together and see what makes people feel good about doing business with you!

Social Media Marketing

Social media presents a great opportunity for businesses to connect with their audience and increase brand awareness. By establishing trust, you are able to create an exclusive customer experience that can be shared on social platforms like Facebook or Instagram.
Our team is always on the lookout for new ways to make your social media campaign a success. You’ll be in good hands with our innovative and creative staff who use fresh ideas, strategies, and tactics to ensure you get the most out of any partnership.

Facebook Advertising Agency

Good traffic is great but if you're not driving conversions, then it's a problem. Conversion rate optimization or CRO can help your site maximise its conversion rates by making sure that every visitor has the best chance of converting into a customer.
CRO companies like Cardinal are the backbone of any digital marketing campaign. We optimize landing pages, improve website copy and call-to-actions to help you convert more customers on your site while exploring new growth strategies such as increasing page load speed for a more seamless experience that will leave them wanting nothing but your product or service!

Frequently Asked Questions

It totally depends on your business, how much time has previously been spent optimising your business and the competition in the market. We can confidently say that within 6-8 months you will start to receive a large increase of relevant, site visitors and ultimately ROI.

At Maxim Media we’re firm believers of providing the absolute best service guaranteed. We believe that this can only be done through processes that involve staff that we have actually vetted face to face. By choosing Maxim Media for your SEO strategy and implementation you can rest assured knowing that our on-shore staff are vetted for the highest quality, experience and SEO expertise. 

Every month we send you a thorough progress report made in Google’s Data Studio. This progress report is viewed and analysed by our general manager before being sent out to you. We will also touch base via email, zoom or phone twice per month to update you on the work being completed. 

As the director of Maxim Media, I’ve run several businesses in different markets. Local businesses, in-home services, e-commerce and brick and mortar stores generally obtain tangible benefits through SEO campaigns. As always at Maxim Media to get the absolute most of your marketing we advise that a holistic marketing strategy will deliver inimitable results.  

The cost of SEO will depend entirely on the magnitude of the project, ongoing efforts, and chosen strategy. Other factors that influence the cost include the industry and time frame the client wants to achieve his or her goals. We encourage you to schedule a one-on-one consultation with our search engine experts so that they can understand your needs and objectives and give you an accurate quote.

That being said, our local SEO services start from $1000 per month plus GST and our national SEO service for the most competitive markets start at $3000 per month plus GST. 

At Maxim Media, we follow and abide by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines in layman’s terms this means that our service provision will never stray from Google’s best practice. Meaning in theory and practice the results we obtain for your business will always be longer lasting and you will not have the added stress of paying for a service only to be penalised later down the track. 

You should hire a Facebook ads agency because the alternative is doing it yourself. We’ve worked on thousands of ad campaigns and managed millions in ad-spend, you could say we’re experts. Managing your own businesses Facebook ads account can be a proverbial minefield. Your business will lose a lot of money before you are able to deliver the type of results that our client’s see as standard.

Unlike print, TV, or billboards, Facebook ads allow you to place your advertisement in front of your ideal customer. 

You have full control of your budget and you can laser target the customer you want to sell to categorizing those you show your ads to by demographic, earning capacity, and relationship status.

We have 4 different tiers of pricing, with the price determined by your level of ad spend. 

We charge 22% of ad spend if your spend is less than $5,000 per month.

20% of ad spend if you’re spending between $5,000 – $9999 per month.

15% of ad spend if you’re spending between $10,000-$99,999 per month.

7.5% of ad spend if you’re spending over $100,000 per month. 

All prices are inclusive of GST.

The following services and optimisations are included in your campaign. 

  • Scaling campaigns
  • Full-Funnel Strategy
  • Roadmap
  • Monthly Reporting
  • High Volume Creatives

    • Copywriting
    • Image Ads
    • Video Ads
    • Graphic Design
    • Video Editing

For higher tier plans we create custom video creatives. 

We go to great lengths to make sure that your website design and development is successful. All designs are custom created and we may go through a signficant process to create the best design. Once that is completed, we need to custom code the website and upload it to a content management system. We mostly use WordPress, so that it is easily accessible and you can make changes to the copy should you need. 

Because of the great lengths we go to, to create a great looking website that will convert visitors. We charge $3200 inclusive of GST for the design of a 5 page website. The coding of the website can range from anywhere between $3000-$5000 inclusive of GST.  Bringing the total average cost for full website design and development with Maxim Media to be $6000 inclusive of GST.

At Maxim Media we’re firm believers of providing the absolute best service guaranteed. We believe that this can only be done through processes that involve staff that we have actually vetted face to face. By choosing Maxim Media for your website design and development needs you can rest assured knowing that our on-shore staff are vetted for the highest quality, experience and website design and development expertise. 

We will work closely with you and your business partners directly through every step of the web design and development process. You can rest assured knowing that you will receive constant weekly updates until your brand new website is live. 

We do, we guarantee that in 8 months we will increase the web traffic to your site or we will provide you with a credit or refund. 

We’ll quickly go over a 15 minute consultation where we discuss your goals. We’ll then develop and strategy, come back to you and get started working on your website. 

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'Maxim Media is taking care of our marketing side of the business. We are happy with our website performance achieved so far in a month. Good Job!'
Philip Edmonton
E-Commerce Business Owner
'As a Business Owner who already has 101 things already on your to do list and knowing that your online presence is a vital part of your business, it's best to let the experts take charge of all your website needs. Maxim Media has been fantastic to work with'
Abdul-Rahman Saadique
Cleaning Company Owner
'They were able to obtain more leads than we could ever get. Our brand presence has increased in the 8 months we've been using this company'
Rebecca Hayward
E-Commerce Business Owner
'The content we receive from this company is of a high standard, I have no hesitation recommending other business oowners to work with them.'
Best team ever
Lachlan Petersen
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