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Maxim Media is the perfect advertising partner for any company looking to increase their brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Don't Spend Big Money On An Average Website

Maxim Media provides professional quality web design at affordable rates without compromising aesthetics!

Maxim Media’s team of web designers use the latest design and development trends to provide a one-of-a kind website experience. Whether you are looking for an eCommerce site or want some help with your WordPress blog, Maxim has got you covered!. 

We create a customized digital marketing and web design plan for businesses that are looking to expand their reach and increase their rankings on the search engine result pages. Maxim Media has an artistic eye when it comes to web design, so you will never have anything but the best possible website!

You might be able to afford the cost of a new website, but can you really say that your company is going to stand out from its competition? Well now there’s no worries because with our affordable and reliable web design services- at just pennies on the dollar – we’ll make sure your customers don’t even know how much they’re saving.

Maxim Media is a company that makes sure all sites are tested before they go live.

Why settle for a boring website? With our team of expert developers and designers, you can create the look that meets your needs.

Clients shouldn’t have to be bogged down with templates that don’t fit. We take away the limitations of a template so they can focus on what their business needs, not something other designers thought would work best for them. Get your website designed from scratch and back into running your company!

We will help you design a website that reflects your company’s individual needs and leaves all the limitations to templates behind. We are here for one thing: designing websites tailored specifically to each business’ unique vision!

We make your brand look good so that it is ready for conversion.

Have you been trying to rank your website in the search engine results, but just can’t seem to get any traction? Maxim Media is here for you. We provide professional web design service that will help propel your business out of obscurity and into a competitive position on Google maps. You won’t need expensive SEO packages or gimmicks – we offer expertly designed websites with high-quality content that people are looking for!

This website design service is perfect for those who want the best of both worlds: easy to customize layouts, as well as professional copywriting and back-end programming.

We’re the online home of all your business needs, from backend frameworks to social media management.

Maxim Media is the leading website design and development firm in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane. Maxim provides world-class websites to small businesses throughout Australia including Perth on the west coast of Australia as well as Cairns and Geelong located east of Tasmania.

Why Maxim Media's Web Design?

Cost Effective Pricing

We make websites that are not only affordable for small to midsize businesses, but also functional and prestigious.

Everything Is Included

Everyone wants to have a website that is optimized for conversion because it leads to more customers. We are experts at doing just this, and we want your company’s site to be the best version of itself possible!

Dedicated Project Management

Your website is in good hands. We are excited to take your project from design through launch and make sure that it comes out just as you envisioned, if not better. With a dedicated team of experts on the job 24/7 we can provide regular updates so that nothing falls through the cracks!

Frequently Asked Website Design & Development Questions

We want your website design and development to be successful! We work hard from the beginning stages of conception, all the way through custom coding. Same goes for uploading it into a CMS or content management system like WordPress so you can make changes to copy yourself at any time.

Maxim Media has been designing and developing websites for over 13 years. We specialize in creating beautiful, user-friendly sites that convert visitors into customers! Our clients pay $3200 inclusive of GST to design a 5 page website with our team’s creativity and expertise. For coding purposes we charge an additional amount from anywhere between $3000-$5000 inclusive of GST depending on the complexity required to code your site.

The total average cost ranges from $6000 -$8000 USD (inclusive) when you work with Maxim Media!

We have a variety of revision packages available, and because we’re committed to your satisfaction, once our work has begun on your website design or development project you will not be eligible for any refunds.

At Maxim Media, we are firm believers in giving nothing but the best customer satisfaction possible – which means having an excellent process for vetting those who work closely on-site with us at each step along our websites’ journey from start to finish…and beyond! Choosing MaxiMedia not only ensures high level results now;

We will work closely with you and your business partners directly through every step of the web design and development process. You can rest assured knowing that you will receive constant weekly updates until your brand new website is live. You can trust that every step of your web design and development process will be overseen by our seasoned team. We’ll provide weekly updates to keep you in the know, until we’re able to unveil a brand-new website for your business!

We want to make the process of getting a website as painless and stress-free for you as possible. When we start working on your site, it will be important that both parties are in sync about what our customer’s needs are so we’ll ask lots of clarifying questions to get us started off right. 

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'Maxim Media is taking care of our marketing side of the business. We are happy with our website performance achieved so far in a month. Good Job!'
Philip Edmonton
E-Commerce Business Owner
'As a Business Owner who already has 101 things already on your to do list and knowing that your online presence is a vital part of your business, it's best to let the experts take charge of all your website needs. Maxim Media has been fantastic to work with'
Abdul-Rahman Saadique
Cleaning Company Owner
'They were able to obtain more leads than we could ever get. Our brand presence has increased in the 8 months we've been using this company'
Rebecca Hayward
E-Commerce Business Owner
'The content we receive from this company is of a high standard, I have no hesitation recommending other business oowners to work with them.'
Best team ever
Lachlan Petersen
Real Estate Principal